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Community-based Digital Signage | Welcome to ScreenScape | ScreenScape Networks

What is ScreenScape?
It’s an Internet service and community that offers a smarter, simpler, and more cost-effective way for anyone to use screen displays in their venue. Join the fastest growing Venue Network on the Internet.
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Behavior Design |

Behavior develops successful, high-impact interactive solutions for business and culture.
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The J. Peterman Company

Vintage style Men&#039;s and Women&#039;s Clothing, Accessories and things For the Home | The J. Peterman Company
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PUBLIC SCHOOL is a group of creative folk working on the east side of Austin together, yet not together. The same studio, different professions. Similar tastes, varying favorite Bob Dylan song. Consistently unified love for the Mexican food on the east side of town.

Our collective and individual clients include Chronicle Books, Conde Nast,...
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Rockhouse Partners | A Music, Sports, & Live Events Sponsorship Activation Agency

Rockhouse Partners is a technology-based entertainment
agency focused on sponsorship creation, activation,
and measurement for music, sports, and live events.
What are we doing here? We’re fundamentally changing
the way that brands integrate sponsorships
into entertainment properties.
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Sponsorship Insights Group

Launched in 2009, Sponsorship Insights Group (SIG) is a sponsorship consulting and sales agency that works with properties to generate new revenue through branded integration of appropriate partners.
Among the types of properties for which SIG consults are physical and intellectual properties; associations, retail destinations, sports,...
saved on 2-2-2010 at 8:37pm ct


House Party | Experiential Consumer Activation Programs | Where activation means business.

House Party delivers turn-key, experiential consumer activation programs custom-designed to achieve your marketing objectives.
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Martini Media Network

The Martini Media vertical media network targets the Affluent Audience - the 50M Americans with HHI $100K+, a full 25% of entire domestic internet population - who spend $1Trillion/Year on goods & services and are the most engaged segment on the web. Martini Media also includes, which is home to the Martini Life daily...
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In 1992, The Erlick Group was launched to conceive / broker strategic sponsorships / promotions on a national, regional and local basis with distinctive entertainment properties in theatre, music, film, family and venues.

Our objective is to leverage our strategically grounded consumer marketing orientation to create truly customized...
saved on 1-28-2010 at 7:26pm ct


Usmp - The Retail and Event Marketing Division of The Marketing Arm - Ranked the Number One Agency by Promo Magazine

We are an experiential marketing agency that specializes in consumer engagement.
We tap into emotional platforms to engage consumers according to their needs, desires and terms.
One with unmatched vertical consulting depth across nine emotional platforms within entertainment, sports, multicultural and cause.
How about that.
An agency that makes...
saved on 1-28-2010 at 7:04pm ct


Promotions, Entertainment, Cause, Multicultural, Event and Sports Marketing

The Marketing Arm is an idea company that harnesses the power of emotion to make brands more engaging.

With a focus on sophisticated planning across all promotional channels, The Marketing Arm provides best-in-class consulting that spans nine emotional platforms within entertainment, sports, multicultural, and cause marketing.

The agency has...
saved on 1-28-2010 at 6:58pm ct

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