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Slicehost - VPS Hosting

Plan RAM Storage BW Monthly Cost
256 slice 256MB 10GB 100GB $20 Sign Up for
512 slice 512MB 20GB 200GB $38 Sign Up for
1GB slice 1024MB 40GB 400GB $70 Sign Up for
2GB slice 2048MB 80GB 800GB $130 Sign Up for
4GB slice 4096MB 160GB 1600GB $250 Sign Up for
8GB slice 8192MB 320GB 2000GB $450 Sign Up for
15.5GB slice 15872MB 620GB 2000GB $800 Sign...
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How to Store Images Directly in the Sql Database :

First of all, you have to create a new database on your SQL server in which your script will store the binary data.
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