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Company Information | MarketTools, Inc.

About MarketTools, Inc.

MarketTools is the leader in software and services for Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) and Market Research.   We are focused entirely on empowering our customers with the actionable insights they need to make the best business decisions. Founded in 1997, MarketTools pioneered online surveys with the Zoomerang™...
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GigaOM Pro

GigaOM Pro was created to address the gap that exists in real-time expert industry analysis on emerging technology markets.
All too often, insider analyst research and commentary is costly, inaccessible or ineffective to the entrepreneurs, investors and innovators who need timely insights most. We’re changing this by making high-quality expert...
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Reason inc. ::: Marketing Strategies that Motivate Behavior

We believe a marketing investment is like any other investment: its only justification is the expectation of a financial return.
We are so confident in the Reason inc. method that we invest 20% of our compensation in our clients' companies.

Conventional wisdom in the marketing services industry has it that building a brand is the ultimate goal...
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Customer Satisfaction - Online Surveys - Foresee Results

ForeSee Results is the leader in online customer satisfaction measurement. The company was founded in 2001 to bring the scientific and proven methodology of the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to the web. For hundreds of clients across the private and public sectors, ForeSee Results captures and analyzes...
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The Future Place

How do I make my money? I am lucky to have several sources of income, although producing different amounts. Firstly, I am director and equity holder with Virtual Surveys. I also own and operate The Future Place consultancy. The Future Place provide two key services 1) training and services to industry and academic bodies and 2) consultancy...
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Market Research & Intelligence | McGraw-Hill Construction

Get Smarter with trusted, actionable intelligence that will help you reduce risk and make the right business decisions. Our expert staff of leading industry economists analyze and interpret the detailed proprietary Dodge database of construction activity to provide the most comprehensive and credible forecast and trend information available...
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