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Big Data Analytics Company in Chennai

Infogenx is a pioneer among big data companies with proven experience in developing analytics, mobile, web, and cloud solutions.Call us Now!
saved on 11-7-2017 at 8:58pm ct


6 Essential Skills of a Successful iPhone App Developer

Letâs examine some of the core skills you would need to become a expert developer.Opting for a career in mobile app development involves high chances of job growth and opportunities, thanks to ever-rising smartphone and mobile app usage.


Mobile app promotional video.

With the number of apps we use daily increasing we are more and more getting app savvy everyday. We use all kinds of apps entertainment, productivity, utility and more. On the other hand when it comes to an App developer or App marketer the task of getting noticed among millions of apps is quiet a challenge.
saved on 2-4-2017 at 01:00am ct


Fitness App Developer

At W2S Solutions, We make magic with Technology. Our recent apps in Employee benefits | Fitness centres | University motivate users to care for them and use it frequently.
saved on 11-11-2016 at 04:06am ct


Free Magento Mobile App Extension

Get your own Magento mobile applications by just installing the Free magento mobile app extension to your Magento admin panel. Visit today at: and register your account.
saved on 4-2-2016 at 07:08am ct

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