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homebrew - How to fix brew after its upgrade to Yosemite? - Ask Different

I decided to look this up and found that there is an issue. The issue is closed but it is not possible to simply run brew update because you will still get the same error.

So here is what you need to do:

cd /usr/local/Library
git pull origin master
saved on 12-30-2014 at 11:00am ct


yum - Upgrading PHP on CentOS 6.5 (Final) - Stack Overflow

As Jacob mentioned, the CentOS packages repo appears to only have PHP 5.3 available at the moment. But these commands seemed to work for me...

rpm -Uvh
yum remove php-common # Need to remove this, otherwise it conflicts
yum install php54w
php --version # Verify version has...
saved on 10-10-2014 at 12:12am ct

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