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Designing Style Guidelines For Brands And Websites - Smashing Magazine

Great article on the elements of a style guide.
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The User Experience Group: Resources - Tools & Templates

Resources: Tools & Templates
The following tools and templates are designed to assist you with your usability activities. The list is a "work-in-progress" and we hope to add to it over time, so feel free to share your suggestions for templates you would like to see
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I am a User Experience Researcher and I love what I do. My current research focuses on usable privacy and security, making security protocols easy and accessible for all computer users. More specifically, my work has focused on the different ways that people cope and work with security and privacy mechanisms, including their beliefs, habits and...
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Multi-display software
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About User Effect

User Effect is a consulting firm specializing in strategic usability for business websites. Put simply, we help you convert website visitors into buyers. We achieve results through a combination of usability best practices, analytics and testing, and understanding the full life-cycle of the consumer, including search engine optimization and...
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