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  1. what is save crate?
  2. how does it work?
  3. how do i save a bookmark?
  4. my question isn't answered here!

what is save crate?

a complimentary onlinline bookmarking tool for your tagging, saving, sharing, and searching pleasure with minimalism in mind.

how does it work?

users bookmark whatever they want using our bookmarklet, and their links are accessible via - for instance, you can access everyone's public bookmarks via

you can filter a users' bookmarks by adding tag names separated by spaces after their username and a slash, so to filter just "youtube" and "music" related public links you would go to

you can also manage tag filters by clicking the tags on links or in the sidebar, removing them with the 'x' button on the tag and adding to a filter instead of reseting it by clicking the '+' button on the tag.

additionally, you may search at any time by using the search box at the top of the page - search automatically searches whichever user's bookmarks you are viewing, or defaults to 'all' public bookmarks through the rest of the site.

how do i save a bookmark?

first, you need to drag the following link to your bookmarks bar:
add to save crate

by clicking this bookmark when you're viewing a page you'd like to bookmark, a popup will appear allowing you to enter tags, a description, and edit the title/URL of the link before saving it.

my question isn't answered here!

we apologize! we're currently working on improving our service, and would love to address any questions you may still have - please reach out to us at and we'll get back with you as soon as possible. thank you for your interest in save crate!

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more help to come soon - stay posted!